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GRAND FINALS - Most Creative Plating & Table Setting Challeng

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1. Main Course Reimagined Chicken Tikka (Sous Vide Chicken Tikka Roulade, Lactofermented Tomato Makhni sauce, Vegetables Stuffed Varki roti (also known as 100 Layers Roti), Bruleed Onions , Methi Butter , Mint raita, Macerated Cherry tomato and Pulao crackers) Recipe. For Tikka Roulade 1. Boneless chicken thigh - 450 gms 2. Ginger paste – 10gm 3. Garlic paste – 15 gm 4. Kashmiri red chilli paste – 15gm 5. Mustard oil – 50 ml 6. Turmeric powder – 5gm 7. Garam masala powder- 5gm 8. Lemon juice- 15 ml 9. Hung curd- 45gms 10. Chaat masala- 5gm 11. Red chilli powder-7gm 12. Cumin powder-4gms, wash and drain the bonless chicken and add ginger garlic paste and turmeric powder and store it in the chiller, then mix all the spices in a bowl with hung curd and make a second marinade, remove the chicken and coat it with the second marinade and make a fine paste and make roulade, cook in sous vide machine for 90 mins at 58degree Celsius. For Makhni Gravy 1. Lactofermented red tomatoes – 1kg 2. Green chilli- 5 gms 3. Ginger- 12 gms 4. Garlic – 15gms 5. Whole spice- 3gms 6. Red chilli powder- 5gms 7. Honey-10gms 8. Cashew nuts-50gms 9. Butter -200gms 10. Salt- to taste, first make a puree of the tomatoes keep it aside, in a pan heat oil and cook all the spices and add the tomato and cashew paste check the seasoning and finish it with cream and honey, For Varki Roti Flour- 1200gms Egg -3 nos Butter – 150 Gms Sugar – 150 Gms Water –400ml Saffron-.5gms, For lamination Butter unsalted –1Kg Lotus Flour – 1200Gms For pulao cracker Plain pulao rice cooked- 50 Gms Vegetable stock – 30 ml Mint raita Mint chutney- 25 Gms Hung curd- 15 Gms Salt -To taste Roasted Cumin Powder-1 Gms 2. Dessert Goat Cheese Bavarois with Jamun Jelly. (Marbled Goat cheese and Java fruit jelly Bavarois, beetroot micro sponge, Java fruit gel, Beetroot coral tuille, Vanilla Chantilly and red Berries with edible flowers) Recipe. Goat cheese Pana cotta Cream-450 ml Milk-100ml Sugar-120 Gms Gelatin-4 Nos Goat cheese -50 Gms Jamun Jelly Java fruit Puree -500gm Gelatin sheet- 6nos Sugar-80gms Jamun gel Java fruit Juice-500ml Gelatine-1 Sheet Agar Agar-3 Gms Sugar-80 Gms Beet root sponge Almond flour-84 Gms Beetroot puree-196 Gms Egg white - 196 Gms Sugar -84 Gms Egg yolk-126 Gms Flour-100Gms Vanilla Chantilly Whipped Cream-100 Gms High Fat cream-150 ml Icing sugar-20Gms Lemon zest-2nos Lemon Juice-05 Ml.