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GRAND FINALS - Video Showcase

Chicken Tikka Reimagined and Goat Cheese and Jamun Bavarois wit

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Hello everyone, I am chef Babu Nagarajan from Indian School of Hospitality, Gurgaon. I am super excited to present some delectable and gorgeous looking food for the final round. My main course aptly called the chicken tikka reimagined promises a burst of flavors (Sous vide chicken tikka roulade with lactofermented tomato Makhni gravy served with subz diwani stuffed varki parantha alas 1000 layered varki roti and pulao cracker). When I visited North India for the first time many years ago, the chicken tikka brought comfort and happiness and it was such a cherished memory that when I got an opportunity to showcase my skills, I could only think of playing with Chicken tikka which remains very close to my heart. For dessert I have put together a heavenly, luscious feast of goat cheese bavarois with Jamun jelly, beetroot sponge, jamun gel, beetroot coral Tullie, vanilla Chantilly and red berries, edible flowers have only added to the delight. As a facilitator Chef I always ask my students to look for inspirations from their experiences. For this goodness, my unique ingredient is Jamun which transports me back to my childhood when I would climb Jamun trees to enjoy the hand plucked berries. Jamun is a distinctive Indian seasonal fruit which is available only in summers. It very low in sugar and is sought after for its medicinal value. I am confident that even the visual appeal of my unique food will be enjoyed by one and all.